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Max Tuman

We are all born creative geniuses, but as we grow older, negative mental patterns and social influences often chip away at our creativity. Like many people, my artistic journey began in pre-K. I wasn’t any better at painting than the other kids in my class. Our paintings hardly resembled what we intended to create. However, paintings don’t have to perfectly match what you intend to paint. True art comes out from the unconscious mind. The paintings we made in pre-K may have seemed “distorted,” but they truly represented our inner thoughts and feelings, which is what makes art remarkable. Unfortunately, over time, people tend to lose this inherent creative genius as they become more self-conscious. They start believing they are not good enough and eventually choose to stop pursuing art. Additionally, the influences in our lives, such as school or work, often ruin our creativity because we are constantly told not to make mistakes in these environments. I experienced a fear of making mistakes while growing up. But to stop my fear, I persisted in painting during my free time because it was the only activity where I felt free from the burden of making errors. Throughout my painting journey, I remained resilient against negative thoughts and social influences, therefore I managed to preserve my creativity. As time passed, I met my art teacher, Noreen, when I was just ten years old. Noreen played an important role in my artistic development. Under her guidance, I learned how to paint with oil paints and discovered different art techniques and materials. Gradually, my paintings grew larger and became more detailed. Both my art teacher and parents recognized my talent and started getting me involved in art shows, competitions, and even sharing my work on social media. I was only in middle school, and I already experienced significant exposure and managed to sell a considerable number of paintings. I am forever grateful to the people who supported me throughout my creative journey. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, confining me to my house for over a year. However, I viewed this as an opportunity to dedicate more time to painting. After the pandemic subsided, I moved to Florida, where I noticed my mindset and social influences slowly taking away my creativity. The anxiety of adapting to a new life and the busyness of moving made it challenging for me to find time to paint. Yet, I refused to let my mental and social influences overpower me. I relied on the same approach I had embraced throughout my life: ignoring negative thoughts and social pressures. Fortunately, I have never lost the creative genius that’s inside me. We are all born with a lot of creative potential, and it is important not to let life snatch it away from us.

How it all began

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